International Forum on Surveillance by Design

Friday September 22, 2000 @ The Old Theatre, The London School of Economics

Host: IS LSE Department of Information Systems
The London School of Economics
Organisers: Privacy International, American Civil Liberties Union, quintessenz
Sponsors: ZeroKnowledge Securify EPIC


9.15 Welcome: Steve Smithson (IS Department, LSE)
9.20 Chairman's introduction: Simon Davies (PI)
9.25 An overview of the main players and key initiatives: Tony Bunyan (Statewatch)
9.45 Developing the telephone system - Chair: Steve Wright (Omega Foundation)
  • An overview of global national security arrangements: Wayne Madsen (EPIC), Duncan Campbell (IPTV)
  • The International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar: Tony Bunyan (Statewatch)
11.00 New communications infrastructures
11.30 BREAK
  • Mobile phone fraud and surveillance: Ross Anderson (Cambridge University)
  • European Telecom Standards and `lawful interception' in the age of 3GPP: Erich Moechel (Quintessenz, Austria)
12.30 International collaboration - Chair: Barry Steinhardt (American Civil Liberties Union)
  • G8 and Council of Europe action: Betty Shave (US DoJ), Gus Hosein (LSE)
2.00 National initiatives
  • The Russian SORM system: Boris Pustinsev (Citizens Watch, Russia)
  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act: Ian Brown (Hidden Footprints)
  • The Netherlands interception arrangements: Maurice Wessling (Bits of Freedom)
3.00 BREAK
3.30 Fighting for privacy - Chair: Ian Brown
  • Secure telephony: Eric Blossom (Starium)
  • Secure Internet communications: ZeroKnowledge
  • Privacy risks of PKI: Stefan Brands (ZeroKnowledge)
  • CALEA: Kurt Wimmer (Covington and Burling)
4.45Industry action - Chair: Gus Hosein
  • Peter Harter (Securify)
  • Stephanie Perrin (ZeroKnowledge Systems)