What common errors mean

Problems with Enigma might occur at two stages.

Messages might not be retrievable from or sendable to your mail servers. Just in case this happens, remember that you can always set your mail program to work directly from those servers.

Or, the message may be passed through to your mail program by Enigma, but contain an error notification in the actual message. The following is a list of such messages, and what they mean.

Message contains binary data - PGP is needed to read it

The encrypted message contains binary data - or at least, the PGP 2.6 sender did not encrypt it with the -t flag or have Textmode = on in their configuration file. You can still decrypt the message with normal PGP. The message will often just be normal text anyway.

Should Enigma just decrypt regardless, and pass the resulting data to the mailer? Would this cause problems with any mailers? IB

Last modified 20 November 1997