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Geospatial Analytics and Computing Group

Department of Geography
University College of London
Pearson Building
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

EMAIL: g.(last name) (at) cs.ucl.ac.uk.


I'm a computer scientist working as Research Associate at University College London, Department of Geography. I'm part of the Geospatial Analytics and Computing Group. I am also an honorary member of the Department of Computer Science at University College London.

I joined University College London in 2010 thanks to the FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF Marie Curie Action. Prior to joining University College London, I was a Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science at University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria (Italy). I got my Ph.D. at the same University. I have worked on several EU and EIT ICT Labs research projects, collaborating with researchers from all over Europe. I conduct research in the area of data mining, social computing, web science and urban computing.


  • August 2016: Paper "Mass participation during emergency response: event-centric crowd-sourcing in humanitarian mapping" accepted @ CSCW 2017.
  • August 2016: Paper "Work Always in Progress: Analysing Maintenance Practices in Spatial Crowd-sourced Datasets" accepted @ CSCW 2017.
  • August 2016: Short Paper "City form and well-being: what makes London neighborhoods good places to live?" accepted @ SIGSPATIAL 2016.
  • August 2016: Paper "Social Contribution Settings and Newcomer Retention in Humanitarian Crowd Mapping" accepted @ SocInfo 2016.
  • May 2016: Paper "Exploring Maintenance Practices in Crowd-Mapping" accepted @ Hypertext 2016. [PDF]
  • April 2016: Paper "Guns of Brixton: which London neighborhoods host gang activity?" accepted @ Urban IoT 2016. [PDF]
  • Dec 2015: Paper "Who benefits from the "sharing" economy of Airbnb?" accepted @ WWW 2016. [Arxiv] [SSRN]