Research interests:

Educational tools and technologies, learning profiles, machine learning for education.

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Students attendance dashboard

Status: Available

We aim at implementing a dashboard that allows tracking students attendance in lectures and labs. The web-app consists of 3 different profiles: Module admin, teaching staff and student. The web application has the minimum following list of features:

(1) A module admin can create a module and upload a list of students
(2) The module admin can also add teaching staff to the module.
(3) Admin and other teaching staff can register students attendance by clicking on a button on the dashboard.
(4) The dashboard displays statistics about students attendance by week/term/module.
(5) Students can log in to the dashboard and display their attendance statistics by week/term/module

django, web applications, students attendance.

A web-based students projects management system

As part of their degree, UCL-CS students are required to work on a programming project. Projects are proposed by different clients including external companies such as Microsoft, Google, the NHS, etc, but also by internal research groups.
We intend to build a webapp that can automatically: (1) Accept projects submissions by clients (2) Allow students to search for projects by keywords, client name, etc and then register their interests to work on a specific project (3) Allow projects to be automatically allocated to students based on their research interests and search history

django, web applications, strength finding.

Digital Clerk

UCL-CS is introducing a new mentoring system that allows 3rd year students to support their mates in their studies. In addition to students mentors, other staff members such as lecturers and teaching assistants are also involved in answering students questions and providing guidance during office hours. This project aims at implementing a web application that allows students to register their support request and provide a minimum of information regarding their request so they are directed to the right person. The web application has the minimum following list of features:

(1) Students monitor office hour usage remotely and come only when staff members are available
(2) Students are asked to formulate their questions before asking for help, saving time for staff members.
(3) Interaction timers warn staff members when interactions become too long, so they can make the most efficient use of their time.
(4) The interface encourages staff members to help the same students again, eliminating time spent understanding students' work.
(5) Collect data in order to gain valuable insight

django, web applications, automatic time scheduling, data analytics.

Visualisation and analysis of the internet movie database

This project aims at analysing the IMDB(Internet Movie Database) and extracting useful information about genres, most popular film topics by year,
actors profiles in terms of films acted in, collaborations, number of stars by film, etc.
The output is a set of graphs visualising the above information.

The student, should
(1) Study the anatomy of the IMDB
(2) Set-up a list of features to extract.
(3) Study existing librairies and tools to extract/analyse/visualise data from a large database
(4) Provide an extensible set of graphs and charts to visualise the extracted features
(5) Automatically analyse [youtube] clips and [articles] about a given film released before, during or after the official release date of the film
(6) Provide the user with a detailed summary about a given actor/film/genre and publicity strategy
(7) Implement a generic/extensible software framework to be applicable to any movie database not only IMDB.

Java, Python, data mining, text analysis, film industry.

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