Caspar Bowden worked for over 20 years to protect fundamental freedoms on-line and off-line, and in particular the right to privacy and freedom from mass surveillance. He was an expert on policy, law and technology relating to surveillance and privacy enhancing technologies. Caspar was also an inspirational campaigner, who fearlessly held corporate and government officials to account for their practices, while advocating technologies that are intrinsically respectful and protective of people's rights.

Caspar wished to establish a "Caspar Bowden Foundation" to promote advocacy for privacy as a universal human right and privacy enhancing technologies as one means to protect it. We encourage any donors or others interested in helping with such a foundation to contact us (see below).

Following Caspar's wishes we are establishing a fund to contribute to the setup of a future "Caspar Bowden Foundation". We welcome donations. The collected funds will support projects that Caspar cared about, and are in the spirit of his past activities, for example The Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, The Tor Project, The Qubes OS project and hopefully many others.

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In the hospital Caspar Bowden asked that we work to ensure equal protection regardless of nationality. Privacy is a universal human right.

If you wish to remember Caspar Bowden by making a donation to the fund, details for bank transfers are below. Please get in touch with us, if you have any suggestions or wish to help in any other way.

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Barclays PLC, 1 Churchill Place,
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The fund is currently managed by Bart Preneel (KU Leuven), Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven), Roger Dingledine (The Tor Project) and George Danezis (UCL).

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For any information relating to this initiative, details of the fund allocations, and offers of help with establishing the foundation please contact: