Industry-related Seminars

John Spindler, UCL Advances - Business Boot Camp

This seminar will give attendees an idea of the resources, support and funding that can turn an idea into a business. Attendees will:
  • Get to develop a route map and "pitch" that will help them work out how to turn an idea into a product or service that can successfully launched on to the market ( Working with fellow attendees in small teams and supported by a team of real work entrepreneur mentors, delegates will try out some tried and tested techniques used by the award winning "Launch 48" programme, on how to bring a new business to market).
  • Receive a run through of the essential steps to getting a business started including information on tax, company registration, licences, setting-up a simple website, getting free banking and raising money.


Jemima Gibbons - Using social media to leverage your start-up

Have you ever had an idea that you thought you could grow into a business? Do you know how to use social media to maximise startup success? This workshop uses case studies and short presentations along with practical sessions to help you in the process of starting up a company. From the initial idea through to the first stages of startup success this session focuses on giving you practical knowledge and skills to ensure you avoid the pitfalls and build a successful company.

Jemima is head of social media for All About Brands, an international PR and branding group. She picked up her media skills in the 1990s, producing TV talk shows: the love of Jerry Springer-esque drama and fascination with everyday stories made her a sucker for social networks and user generated content. In 2001, she completed an MBA in eBusiness, set up boutique consultancy, iKnowHow, and spent the next eight years advising film, TV and media organisations how to harness interactive, digital technologies. In 2009 she published her first book, "Monkeys With Typewriters: myths and realities of social media at work" (Triarchy). She has taught entrepreneurship at masters level at Cass Business School and Kings College London. She is a founder member of the Hospital Club (London's club for creative entrepreneurs) and Fellow at the RSA, where she chairs the working group on digital engagement.


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