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Computer Graphics Reading Group

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A list of previously covered papers, as maintained by Jozef, is available on his web page.

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Please feel free to suggest papers or tutorials of interest to you and we will try to find a speaker and organise these.


3rd July 2014 tbc tbc
26th June 2014 Jacques Cali Computational Design of Actuated Deformable Characters **1.30pm 6.12a**
19th June 2014 Corneliu Ilisescu Dynamic Sprites 1pm **Foster Court 233**
29th May 2014 Tom Haines et al SIGGRAPH Asia submission paper reading session. Other authors working on papers, please bring your papers too
22nd May 2014 Cristina Amati Automatic scene inference for 3D object compositing
3rd April 2014 Kazim Pal Content-Aware Surface Parameterization for Interactive Restoration of Historical Documents 6.12a **2pm**
20th March 2014 Pascal Barla, INRIA Direct appearance manipulation using differential properties of the rendering equation **6.12 11-12.30**
20th February 2014 Sebastian Friston Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to Mitigate Simulator Sickness? (a.k.a how giving people little electric shocks directly to their nervous system could stop feeling sick in the CAVE?)
13th February 2014 Neill Campbell Shared Shape Spaces **Friday 14th 6.12a**
**Friday** 7th February 2014 Dan Calian Visibility Silhouettes for Semi-Analytic Spherical Integration **Friday, 1pm, 6.12a**
12th December 2013 Julian Trivial Connections on Discrete Surfaces **4pm, Rockefeller 333**
5th December 2013 tbc tbc 1pm, 6.12a
28th November 2013 Neill Campbell Scene Reconstruction from High Spatio-Angular Resolution Light Fields from Siggraph 2013 1pm, 6.12a
21st November 2013 Moos Hueting Patch Match: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing 1pm, 6.12a
14th November 2013 Jacques Cali tbc 1pm, 6.12a
7th November 2013 tbc tbc
31st October 2013 Yotam Doron 3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo 1pm, 6.12a
24th October 2013 Cristina Amati Calibrated Image Appearance Reproduction, Siggraph Asia 2012 **1pm, 6.12a**
17th October 2013 tbc tbc **1 pm MPEB 6.12**
10th October 2013 Dan Calian Global Illumination with Radiance Regression Functions **1.30 pm MPEB 6.12**
3rd October 2013 tbc tbc
26th September 2013 tbc
19th September 2013 tbc
12th September 2013 Dan Calian Global Illumination with Radiance Regression Functions MPEB 6.12, 3pm
5th September 2013 tbc MPEB 6.12, 3pm
29th August 2013 tbc    MPEB 6.12, 3pm
22nd August 2013Yotam Doron Alpha-flow for video matting MPEB 6.12a, 3pm
15th August 2013Clement Godard Topology-Driven Vectorization of Clean Line Drawings Noris et al. SIGGRAPH'13 MPEB 6.12a, 3pm
8th August 2013Neill Campbell High-Resolution Sparse Voxel DAGs (SIGGRAPH 2013) MPEB 6.12a, 3pm
1st August 2013Cristina Amati Optimizing Color Consistency in Photo Collections MPEB 6.12a, 3pm
4th July2013Kazim Pal Locally Injective Mappings **MPEB 6.12a, 4-5pm**
20th June 2013Yotam DoronGuided Image filteringMPEB 6.12a, 3pm
13th June 2013 no reading group due to VEIV summer school presentations
6th June 2013Clement GodardRendering distance functions using Raymarching **Roberts 105b, 3pm**
30th May 2013Clement GodardRendering distance functions using RaymarchingMPEB 6.12
23th May 2013Gwyenth BradburyInteractive Authoring of Simulation-Ready Plants SIGGRAPH 2013MPEB 6.12a
16th May 2013Tim ScullyA Better Dipole
9th May 2013Lukas MurmannRepoussé: Automatic Inflation of 2D vector art
2rd May 2013Kazim PalInteractive Exploration and Flattening of Deformed Historical Documents
We will be taking this slot to discuss Kazim's upcoming Eurographics presentation
25th April 2013 Gaël Guennebaud,
Nicolas Mellado
Non-Oriented Gradient Fields for surface reconstruction & Growing Least Squares for surface analysis and editing. **MPEB 1.04,