about me

I work in UCL's Department of Computer Science in the Technical Support Group. I have two roles, Network Manager and Departmental Safety Officer.

Network Manager

The Technical Support Group manages the IT infrastructure of the Department, including compute and file servers, storage, office and lab desktops, staff laptops, audio-visual equipment, wired and wireless network provision for students, staff and guests. I mainly deal with day-to-day network management, but also hardware and AV support.

Safety Officer

As Departmental Safety Officer, I monitor and review the safety management processes within the department, arranging and conducting training for staff and students, reviewing building plans etc.

Learning Technology

in 2011 I completed a PG Certificate in Learning Technology at UCL's Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CALT). I completed 3 modules: Researching e-learning Technology, Adult Learning and Professional Development, and Technology Mediated Collaboration. These were rounded off with a short viva. Below are some presentations I conducted as part of each module.

Other Interests

Having been engaged with in online communities since 1994 (Monochrome BBS still going!), I am interested in social media and networking trends, the sociology and psychology involved in online interactions, and in particular how online resources can be used to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and learners.

Other than that, I am an all-round geek, with interests within history, geography, science, news media, music, movies, technology, books and football. This can best be described as "bursty" with my twitter posts perfectly illustrating this. I am most stimulated when these areas cross over, whether it be songs about books, histories about geography, or movies about science. I ocassionally blog about these things.

On 6th October 2013 I will be running in my first half-marathon on behalf of Child Bereavement UK.