Current drafts

  1. Jonathan Spring and David Pym. Towards Scientific Incident Analysis. Working draft: Manuscript.

  2. Tristan Caulfield, Christos Ioannidis, and David Pym. Dynamic Pricing for Ransomware. Working draft: Manuscript.

  3. Didier Galmiche, Pierre Kimmel, and David Pym. A Substructural Epistemic Resource Logic: Theory and (Security) Applications. Working draft: Manuscript.

  4. Simon Docherty and David Pym. Modular Tableaux Calculi for Separation Theories. To appear: Proc. FOSSACS 2018. Manuscript.

  5. Jonathan Spring, Tyler Moore, and David Pym. Practicing a Science of Security: A Philosophy of Science Perspective. To appear: NSPW ’17, Oct 1–4, 2017, Santa Cruz, California, USA. ACM, 2017. Manuscript.

  6. David Pym, Jonathan Spring, and Peter O’Hearn. Why Separation Logic Works. Manuscript.