Current drafts

  1. Jonathan Spring and David Pym. Towards Scientific Incident Analysis.

  2. Didier Galmiche, Pierre Kimmel, and David Pym. A Substructural Epistemic Resource Logic: Theory and (Security) Applications. Working draft: Manuscript.

  3. Simon Docherty and David Pym. Modular Tableaux Calculi for Separation Theories. To appear: Proc. FOSSACS 2018}. Manuscript.

  4. Jonathan Spring, Tyler Moore, and David Pym. Practicing a Science of Security: A Philosophy of Science Perspective. To appear NSPW ’17, Oct 1–4, 2017, Santa Cruz, California, USA. ACM, 2017. Manuscript.

  5. David Pym, Jonathan Spring, and Peter O’Hearn. Why Separation Logic Works. Manuscript.