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Dr Daniel J Hulme - UCL Computer Science I'm the Founder and CEO of Satalia (NPComplete Ltd), a company that provides a unique algorithmic technology and professional service to solve industries optimisation problems. I'm passionate about emerging technology and regularly speak at events with interests in Algorithms, Optimisation, BigData and Emerging Technologies.

I've been awarded a Masters in Computer Science with Machine Learning and Doctorate in Computational Complexity from UCL. I have research and teaching positions in Information Security, Technology Entrepreneurship and Information Studies at UCL, and I'm also a Visiting Fellow of the Big Innovation Centre. I'm one of the founding members of the UCL Computer Science IMPACT team, responsible for helping pioneer impact initiatives across the Faculty of Engineering.

I'm an advisor to cross-Atlantic start-ups in the area of Algorithms, Data Analytics and BigData, and I'm involved with several global organisations in their Open-Innovation initiatives. I own a small incubation space to help support and cultivate SME's in London's Zone 1. I also hold an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship and actively promote entrepreneurship and technology innovation in the UK and US.

Specialities: Emerging Technologies, Optimisation Methodologies, Advanced Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Science, Open-innovation, Business Analytics, Business Decision Making, Technology Innovation, Scientific Impact and Entrepreneurship.

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Satalia is a trading identity of NPComplete Ltd, a spin out of UCL Business

The Satalia SolveEngine

Online Ondemand Solving Service

Solving. Made Simple

Satalia (NPComplete Ltd) provides 'Optimisation-as-a-Service' to academia and industry, and has developed a technology - The SolveEngine - that span-out of UCL in 2008. This technology 1) gives industry transparent and seamless access to state-of-the-art optimisation algorithms that enables more intelligent use of computation and produces better and faster solutions to their problems, 2) provides new economic models to allow academics to commercialize their algorithmic innovations and get access to critical data to improve their research, and 3) gives producers of software tools a new revenue mechanism to support the development and exposure of their software...

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Dr. Daniel Hulme is one of the founding members of the Computer Science Impact Team, which consists of academic and industrial leaders to help pioneer the department of Computer Science and Faculty of Engineering IMPACT initiatives.

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