Clément Godard

I am a PhD student at UCL with Gabe Brostow where I work on 3D reconstruction and machine learning.

I got an MSc in Computer Vision and Graphics from UCL and an MEng from Supélec. I also spent a summer at Google Seattle working on Jump and another summer at Facebook Seattle working on burst denoising using deep learning.

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I am quite interested in computer vision and graphics. I also have an interest in rendering, IBR and VR. I recently jumped on the deep learning bandwagon where I am exploring the idea of self (and un-)supervised learning as a way to get around human labelling.

Digging Into Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
Clément Godard, Oisin Mac Aodha and Gabriel J. Brostow
arXiv preprint, 2018
project page / pdf / video / code

We dug deeper into self-supervision for monocular depth estimation and improved on monodepth.

Deep Burst Denoising
Clément Godard, Kevin Matzen and Matt Uyttendaele
ECCV, 2018
project page / paper

We trained a recurrent neural network to denoise bursts of images.

Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation with Left-Right Consistency
Clément Godard, Oisin Mac Aodha and Gabriel J. Brostow
CVPR, 2017 oral
project page / video / code

We trained a fully convolutional neural net to infer single frame depth only using stereo pairs as training data and beat supervised methods on KITTI.

Multi-view Reconstruction of Highly Specular Surfaces in Uncontrolled Environments
Clément Godard, Peter Hedman, Wenbin Li and Gabriel J. Brostow
3DV, 2015 oral
project page / video / code

We reconstruct mirror-like objects from two dozen images in uncontrolled environments, while handling inter-reflections.

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