PhD student at the at the UCL Department of Computer Science.

I am member of the Center for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST) at the Software Systems Engineering Group. I started the PhD program on August 2015, under the supervision of Senior Lecturer Earl Barr and Professor Mark Harman as Co-first Supervisors, and Dr. Federica Sarro as Postdoctoral Supervisor. My research interests are Software Engineering with emphasis on Regression Testing and Ant Colony Optimization algorithms applied to Image Processing.


This projects are freely available on GitHub. If you find a bug, please let me know.


Isula allows an easy implementation of Ant-Colony Optimization algorithms using the Java Programming Language. It contains the common elements present in the meta-heuristic to allow algorithm designers the reutilization of common behaviors. With isula, solving optimization problems with Ant Colony can be done in few lines of code.


A Java Program that applies a binary thresholding procedure to a MR Brain image. The proposed procedure includes simple thresholding to remove the background, an Ant Colony Algorithm to separate foreground from background and mathematical morphology to improve the produced segments.


A Java Program to identify segments on an image using an Ant Colony optimization algorithm. It is a two-phase procedure: First, the cerebrum is extracted using also an Ant Colony algorithm, then a clustering procedure is applied to the cerebrum.


This section will fill out as I progress toward my Ph. D.

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