CS GC15/6007: Communications and Networks


Soren Sorensen S.Sorensen at cs.ucl.ac.uk 8.10 MPEB
Brad Karp 7.05 MPEB

Meeting Times

UCL Term 2

Weeks 20-24 (8th January, 2007 - 6th February, 2007):

  • Monday 4 PM - 6 PM, MPEB 1.03
  • Tuesday 4 PM - 5 PM, Roberts 212
  • Weeks 26-30 (19th February, 2007 - 21st March, 2007):

  • Monday 4 PM - 5 PM, MPEB 1.03
  • Tuesday 4 PM - 5 PM, Roberts 212
  • Wednesday, 10 AM - 11 AM, 188 Tottenham Court Road SB5

  • Mailing Lists

  • Texts

  • Saltzer, Jerome and Kaashoek, Frans, Principles of Computer System Design, MIT EECS (not yet published), 2006.
    N.B. that all portions of this text assigned will be distributed in hardcopy form in lecture at the start of the second week of the term.
  • Peterson, Larry and Davie, Bruce, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, 3rd Edition, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2003.

  • Detailed Course Calendar

    Reading assignments appear in the calendar below on the day when their content will be covered in lecture. For this reason, students must complete the assigned readings before lecture.

    Readings are drawn mostly from the two required texts: Saltzer and Kaashoek ("S & K") and Peterson and Davie ("P & D"). There are also a few research papers that are assigned reading; you will find links to electronic copies of these papers from the calendar. As with the readings from the required texts, students must print and read these research papers as preparation for the lecture for which they are assigned.

    Weeks 20-24:

    Monday 4-6pm Tuesday 4-5pm

    8th Jan

    Protocol layering (OSI 7-layer model and IEEE/IETF model)

    Slides: Protocol Reference Models

    Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section B

    9th Jan

    LANs and WANs; link-layer protocol requirements

    Slides: Link-layer protocols

    Reading: S & K Chapter 7, Section C

    15th Jan

    MAC layer, Aloha, CSMA, Ethernet (CSMA/CD), Spanning-tree bridging

    Slides: LANs and MANs; Ethernet (slides 10–24)

    Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Appendix A-1 and A-2

    16th Jan

    IP over Ethernet: ARP, IPv4 addressing, address allocation and NATs

    Slides IP addressing (slides 1–14, 17–27 and 30–37)

    Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Appendix A-3 and A-4

    22nd Jan

    Naming: the Domain Name System


    Reading: S & K, Chapter 4, Appendix A

    23rd Jan

    Symmetric and public-key (RSA) cryptography, IPsec, TLS, OpenPGP

    Slides: Ciphers (p.1–21), Protocols (p.1–20)

    Reading: S & K, Chapter 11, Sections C and D

    29th Jan

    Internet worms, intrusion detection systems (IDSes)


    Reading: The What, Why, and How of the 1988 Internet Worm

    30th Jan

    Voice over IP, RTP, SIP

    Slides: VoIP; Chat and instant messaging

    5th Feb

    WWW, XML, RSS, social software (blogs+wikis)

    Slides: WWW; E-mail; file transfer

    6th Feb

    Midterm Exam

    50 minutes, given in lecture

    Weeks 26-30:

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday

    19th Feb

    Physical and Link Layers

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    20th Feb

    End-to-End Arguments

    Pre-Reading: End-to-End Arguments in System Design

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    21st Feb

    Multi-hop networks

    Pre-Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section A

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    26th Feb

    Reliable Transport Introduction

    Pre-Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section E

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    27th Feb

    Reliable Transport (TCP I)

    Reading: P & D, 5.1 and 5.2, only through and including 5.2.6

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    28th Feb

    Lecture cancelled!

    5th Mar

    Congestion Control (TCP II)

    Pre-Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section F

    Pre-Reading: Congestion Avoidance and Control

    Lecture Notes: (continuation of 27th Feb slides)

    6th Mar

    Congestion Control, continued (TCP III)

    Reading: P & D 6.3

    Lecture Notes: (continuation of 27th Feb slides)

    7th Mar

    Intra-domain Routing: Introduction

    Pre-Reading: P & D 4.2, only through and including 4.2.1

    Pre-Reading: P & D 4.3, only through and including 4.3.2

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    12th Mar

    Intra-Domain Routing: Distance Vector

    Intra-Domain Routing: Distance Vector Pathologies

    Pre-Reading: P & D 4.2.2

    Lecture Notes: (continuation of 7th Mar slides)

    13th Mar

    Intra-Domain Routing: Link State

    Pre-Reading: P & D 4.2.3 - 4.2.4

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    14th Mar

    Inter-Domain Routing: BGP

    Pre-Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section D

    Pre-Reading: P & D, 4.3.3

    Pre-Reading: Balakrishnan, Lecture 4 Notes

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    19th Mar

    Wireless Networks: 802.11 MAC

    Reading: P & D 2.8, only through and including 2.8.2

    Lecture Notes: ppt

    Coursework 2:
    Distance-Vector Routing
    Due 12 noon, Tuesday, 10th April

    20th Mar

    No lecture!

    Hacking Day:
    Work on Coursework 2!

    21st Mar

    No lecture!

    Hacking Day:
    Work on Coursework 2!