Alejandro Sztrajman

I'm a PhD candidate and Marie Curie Fellow in the Digital Reality Group at University College London, under the supervision of Profs. Tim Weyrich and Tobias Ritschel. My research involves finding new compact representations for material appearance and its efficient translation between BRDF models, combining methods from machine learning, deep neural networks and visual perception.

I hold an MSc in Physics from University of Buenos Aires. During my master's thesis I worked on numerical simulations of differential equations in quantum mechanics. I've also worked as visiting researcher in Allegorithmic, in the Computer Graphics Group at Charles University, and in the Columbia University Computer Graphics Group.

Room B09, GS66
Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street, WC1E 6EA, London, UK


Image-based remapping of spatially-varying material appearance
Alejandro Sztrajman, Jaroslav Krivanek, Alexander Wilkie, Tim Weyrich
Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques (accepted).
[arXiv] [PDF]
Image-based remapping of material appearance
Alejandro Sztrajman, Jaroslav Krivanek, Alexander Wilkie, Tim Weyrich
Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling. Helsinki, Finland (2017).
[Webpage] [PDF]
Elementary Electromagnetism
Juan G. Roederer
Buenos Aires University Press, Buenos Aires (2015).

I coordinated the editorial team behind the undergraduate textbook by Prof. Juan Roederer. The book includes a final chapter on Electronics by Prof. Jorge Aliaga.

Preface of the book: [Link]
Media coverage: [Link]


Appearance remapping with SVR
Application of Support Vector Regression to the translation between different BRDF models in renderers (Python).
Feature Saliency HMM
Implementation of the Feature Saliency HMM algorithm, for feature selection on Hidden Markov Models (Python).
Path tracing
A path tracer with environment map illumination (C++).



2019 Introduction to Virtual Reality (MOOC) UCL/IDEALondon (In development)
2019 Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning DeepMind/UCL [Online Lectures]
2018 Research Methods and Reading UCL
2017 Introduction to Deep Learning IST Austria
2017 Scientific Programming in Python UCL
2016 Robotics Programming UCL
2016 Principles of Programming UCL

Some of the codes I've worked on

WebGL 3D Engine
An interactive WebGL 3D engine with phong shading, Bezier surfaces and loading of JSON 3D models (WebGL/Javascript).
[Video] [Code]
2D stable fluid
Stable fluid simulation of a 2D incompressible inviscid fluid (C++/Qt).
[Report] [Code] [Video]
High-order extrapolation
A differential equation approach to high-order extrapolation.
Lattice Boltzmann 2D
Interactive simulation of a 2D incompressible viscous fluid with the Lattice-Boltzmann D2Q9 method (C++/Qt).
[Code] [Video]
Molecular dynamics
Lagrangian simulation of a fluid at a molecular level. Integration is done with velocity-Verlet, Lennard-Jones interactions, and periodic boundary conditions (C++/VMD).
[Report (Spanish)] [Video]
2D Elastic mesh
Real-time simulation of a bidimensional elastic mesh (C++/OpenGL).