Elementary Electromagnetism
Juan G. Roederer
Buenos Aires University Press, Buenos Aires (2015).

I coordinated the editorial team of the undergraduate-level textbook by Juan Roederer, author of Elementary mechanics, which has become the base for classical mechanics courses at University of Buenos Aires. The book includes a final chapter on Electronics by Jorge Aliaga.

Preface of the book:[Link]
Presentation of the book at the National Physics Meeting 2016: [Youtube link]
Media coverage: [Link]
Natural Sciences 7
Luis Baraldo, Leonor Bonan, Jorge Bruno, Alejandro Gangui, Leonardo González Galli, Juan Carlos Imbrogno, Elsa Meinardi, Liliana Olazábal, María Victoria Plaza, Andrea Revel Chion, Alejandro Sztrajman, Jorge Sztrajman, Leonardo Zayat.
Buenos Aires University Press and Ediba, Buenos Aires (2010).

Chapter Wave phenomena of the highschool textbook written jointly between professors from
University of Buenos Aires and Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires.



Image-based remapping of material appearance
Alejandro Sztrajman, Jaroslav Krivanek, Alexander Wilkie, Tim Weyrich
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An easy way to one-dimensional elastic collisions
Jorge Sztrajman, Alejandro Sztrajman
Phys. Teach. 55 (2017) 164-165.
Lattice-Boltzmann vs pseudospectral methods: 2D hydrodynamic comparison
Alejandro Sztrajman, Pablo Dmitruk
Fluids 2012 (XII reunion on fluids and its applications), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012).
[Poster (Spanish)] [Abstract (Spanish)]
Numerical methods for the time evolution of the Schrödinger equation
Alejandro Sztrajman
MSc Thesis, University of Buenos Aires (2011)
[Rigid boundaries movie] [Transparent boundaries movie]
[PDF (Spanish)]
Running into trouble with the time-dependent propagation of a wavepacket
Abel E. Garriz, Alejandro Sztrajman, Dario Mitnik
Eur. J. Phys. 31 (2010) 785-799.
Mössbauer spectroscopy analysis on a tempered martensitic 9% Cr steel
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