Alejandro Sztrajman


Some of the codes I've worked on


2D stable fluid (2013)
Stable fluid simulation of a 2D incompressible inviscid fluid.
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Molecular dynamics (2013)
Lagrangian Verlet simulation of a fluid at a molecular level.
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High-order extrapolation (2013)
A differential equation approach to high-order extrapolation.
WebGL 3D Engine (2012)
A WebGL 3D engine with phong illumination, bezier surfaces, and a JSON model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D.
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Lattice Boltzmann 2D (2012)
Simulation of a 2D incompressible viscous fluid with the Lattice Boltzmann D2Q9 method. Interface in Qt.
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2D Elastic mesh (2010)
Real-time simulation of an elastic mesh with OpenGL interface.