Putting 3D on the Desktop: VRML97 and Java3D

Anthony Steed

University College London

This is a talk I gave to the British Chapter of the ACM in late February 1998. It gives a brief overview of VRML97 and Java3d, and contrasts the two approaches. A main concern is to demonstrate the similarities of the two specifications, and the illustrate areas where there is overlap and scope for concerted effort.

Unfortunately there is no record of the question and answer session after the talk.



Note that the statement on Slide 22 about a "Time 0" browser shipping with the Java3D alpha release is incorrect. However at least two independent efforts to provide a VRML97 browser written in Java3D have been announced on the Java3D mailing list .

Download the powerpoint slides ZIP

or browse the exported HTML version:

* For some strange reason, CP2.1 in IE4.0 loads "BoidSet.class" but the initialize functions never gets called. The release notes for CP2.1 don't give any hints. The same was true in CP2.0 as far as I remember.