Since April 2012, I am a researcher at Bell Labs and part of the IoT group. I also hold an honorary research position at University College London where I previously obtained my PhD and worked as a Post-Doc.

My research focuses on ubiquitous computing where I leverage human behavioural patterns to design human-centric systems; and Human Computer Interactions (HCI) where I aim to uncover the perception of users’ interaction with such systems.

I serve as co-chair of the fellowship board of the N2Women, encouraging women to participate in networking conferences and providing them with an opportunity to get together. Contact me if interested!


About Me

Dr. Afra J.Mashhadi

Research Scientist

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs


Dublin 15


Email: afra dot mashhadi at alcatel-lucent dot com

Twitter: @Afrafrafra_j


PhD Computer Science, UCL.

MEng Computer Science, UCL.

Our workshop on Quantified Workplace has been accepted in CSCW 2016, with a brilliant keynote (Gloria Mark). 

Our paper on detecting human encounters has been accepted to MUM 2015. Read more here!