The Future of Software Engineering

This page contains papers for the Future of Software Engineering volume to be published by ACM Press in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering.

Any questions regarding the papers or the Future of Software Engineering track should be addressed in the first instance to the coordinator:

Anthony Finkelstein <> [2019: please note that most of these links (from 2000) are no longer valid but are left intact for historical reasons. Some of these links resolve using the WayBackMachine]

Title and Authors Presentations Links Final Paper
Software Engineering: a roadmap
Anthony Finkelstein & Jeff Kramer
Brad Appleton's Software Engineering Links

Yahoo Software Engineering Software Engineering Readings

Georgia Tech Software Engineering Hotlist

R.S. Pressman & Associates Software Engineering Resources

Testing: a roadmap
Mary Jean Harrold
Storm:  Software Testing Online Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Software Engineering Test Lab

Testing and Reliability Research Group

Software Testing Literature

Irvine Research Unit in Software:  Analysis and Testing

Laboratory for Advanced Software Engineering Research

Reliability Software Technologies

Software Metrics: a roadmap
Norman Fenton & Martin Neil

RADAR (Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis Research)

Software Productivity Research (SPR)



Hugin A/S

Microsoft research decision theory group

Thomas Fetcke's Software Metrics sites on the Web

Software Process: a roadmap
Alfonso Fuggetta
Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

NASA Software Engineering Laboratory

University of California at Irvine (IRUS)

Politecnico di Milano

UCL Software Systems Engineering Group

Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering

Workflow Management Coalition

Reasoning & Analysis: a roadmap
Daniel Jackson & Martin Rinard
Dataflow and Type Analysis

McGill Compiler/Architecture Testbed

The Berkeley ANalysis Engine

Program Slicing Project, Wisconsin

Mooly Sagiv, Tel Aviv

The Smart Programming Environment Project at Rice

Programming Languages Research Group at Rutgers

Mary Lou Soffa

Advanced Programming Languages, Microsoft Research

Region Inference, DIKU, University of Copenhagen

Flex Compiler Project, MIT

Theorem Proving

Extended Static Checker, Compaq SRC


Model Checking

Model Checking at CMU

Microsoft SLAM Project

SPIN Model Checker

Bandera Project

Alcoa/Alloy, MIT

LTSA: Labelled Transition System Analyser, Imperial College

Reverse Engineering

David Notkin

Bill Griswold

Gail Murphy

Dynamic Analysis

Michael Ernst

Tom Ball, Microsoft


Formal Methods Archive

Software Engineering on the Internet: a roadmap
Luca Bompani, Paolo Ciancarini & Fabio Vitali
W3C Architecture Domain XML


Tigris: Open Source Platform for Internet-Scale Software Development

XML Metadata Interchange

MSDN XML Developer Center

University of Bologna, Displets

XML Software Site

XML Information and Resources

Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering: a roadmap
Tom Maibaum
Software Architecture: a roadmap
David Garlan
  Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute


IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description

Carnegie Mellon University Composable Software Systems

The Stanford Rapide Project

University Colorado Boulder Software Engineering Research Laboratory

Vanderbilt University Institute for Software Integrated Systems

University of California at Irvine Software Architecture Research

USC Center for Software Engineering Software Architecture

Software Configuration Management: a roadmap
Jacky Estublier
Software Economics: a roadmap
Barry Boehm & Kevin Sullivan
  Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research (EDSER) Workshops

Decision-Based Design (NSF-sponsored on-line workshop)

Real Options (Amram and Kalutilaka)

1998 Workshop on Information Systems Economics (WISE-98)

Information Technology and Business Value (Erik Brynjolfsson)

Economics-Driven Software Design Research (Kevin Sullivan)

Model-Based (System) Architecture and Software Engineering (MBASE) and COCOMO II Research (Barry Boehm)


Empirical Studies of Software Engineering: a roadmap
Dewayne Perry, Adam Porter & Lawrence Votta
Software Reliability & Dependability: a roadmap
Bev Littlewood & Lorenzo Strigini

Databases in Software Engineering: a roadmap
Klaus Dittrich, Dimitrios Tombros & Andreas Geppert

Distributed Repository for Object-Oriented Software Components






Repository Based Software Engineering



Software Information Base


PCTE standards

Object-oriented modeling: a roadmap
Gregor Engels & Luuk Groenewegen
OMG Home Page

Precise UML Group

UML literature

UML RTF home page

Cetus UML Links

University of Paderborn, Gregor Engels

Software Maintenance and Evolution: a roadmap
Keith Bennett and Vaclaw Rajlich
Reverse Engineering Links

UK Software Engineering Association

University of Durham Research Institute in Software Evolution

UMIST Department of Computation

Keele University Software Engineering Research Group

SEBPC - Systems Engineering for Business Process Change

Wayne State University Department of Computer Science

DARPA Evolutionary Design of Complex Software

Imperial College, Manny Lehman

Software Evolution and Reuse Newsletter

Software Engineering for Real-time: a roadmap
Hermann Kopetz
Embedded and Real-Time Systems Links

Real-Time Information Repository

IFIP WG10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance

UCI Dream Laboratory

Time Triggered Technology

Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science

MIT Research Groups

The University of York, Computer Science Research Topics

DARPA ITO Research Areas

Software Engineering for Safety: a roadmap
Robyn Lutz
WWW-Virtual Library Safety Critical Systems

IFIP WG10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance

Risks Forum

University of York High Integrity Systems Engineering

MIT Software Safety Research

NASA Formal Methods

Software Engineering Education: a roadmap
Mary Shaw
  Mary Shaw's Software Engineering Education Links

Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training

Forum for Advancing Software Engineering Education (FASE)

Software Engineering Institute  Working Group on Software Engineering Education and Training

Tom Hilburn's Software Engineering Education Links

IEEE/ACM Software Engineering Coordinating Committee

Graduate Software Engineering Program Survey Results

Computing Sciences Accreditation Board

Reverse Engineering: a roadmap
Hausi Muller, Jens Jahnke, Dennis Smith, Margaret-Anne Storey, Scott Tilley, Kenny Wong
IEEE TCSE Committee on Reverse Engineering and Reengineering 

Reverse Engineering and Reengineering Conferences and Workshops 

Data Reverse Engineering

Web Site Evolution

Tutorial on Understanding Software Systems Using Reverse Engineering Technologies

Reengineering Bibliography

An Annotated Reverse Engineering Bibliography

SEI Reengineering Center

Software Technology Support Center: Reengineering 

Canadian Consortium for Software Engineering Research 

A Collective Demonstration of Program Comprehension Tools 

University of Victoria Reverse Engineering Group

Georgia Tech Reverse Engineering Group

University of Durham Centre for Software Maintenance 

University of Queensland Binary Translation

Software Engineering for Performance: a roadmap
Rob Pooley
Rob Pooley

Jerome Rolia

Murray Woodside

WOSP2000: Second International Workshop on Software and Performance

Performance Engineering Services

Dagstuhl Workshop on System Perfornance Evaluation

University of Dortmund Quantitative Methods

Requirements Engineering: a roadmap
Bashar Nuseibeh & Steve Easterbrook
BCS RE Specialist Group

RE Students Newsletter

Software Requirements Engineering Mailing List


Requirements Engineering Journal

INCOSE Requirements Working Group

Software Engineering for Security: a roadmap
Premkumar Devanbu & Stuart Stubblebine
Ron Rivest Cryptography and Security

IBM's Patent site (search for keywords like "copy-protection" and "watermarking")

ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security

International Assosiaction of Cryptologic Research

Computer Emergency Response Team

Yahoo links on Security and Encryption

Christian Collberg Software Watermarking, Copy Protection etc.

ACM  Special Interest Group on Security, Auditing and Control

Software Engineering for Mobility: a roadmap
Gruia-Catalin Roman, Amy Murphy & Gian Pietro Pico
Mobility Research at Washington University, St. Louis

Calculi for Mobile Processes


Coda and Odyssey

Ubiquitous Computing



IETF Manet Official Web Page

Distributed Objects & Components: Mobile Agents

The Mobile Agent List


Formal Specification: a roadmap
Axel van Lamsweerde
SRI International Computer Science Laboratory, Formal Methods and Dependable Systems

WWW Virtual Library: Formal Methods

Formal Methods Europe Hub

WWW Virtual Library: The Z Notation


Information on VDM

RAISE - Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering


Constance Heitmeyer, Software Cost Reduction (SCR)

The Stanford Temporal Prover

Model Checking at CMU

MIT, Larch

Software Engineering for Middleware: a roadmap
Wolfgang Emmerich
Engineering Distributed Objects

Object Management Group

The Open Group

Java Source at Sun

Microsoft Developers Network

Cetus Links Distributed Objects & Components

Middleware '98: IFIP/ACM International Conference on Distributed Systems Platforms and Open Distributed Processing

Middleware 2000: IFIP/ACM International Conference on Distributed Systems Platforms and Open Distributed Processing

ESPRIT Network of Excellence in Distributed Computing Systems Architectures

Software Engineering Tools and Environments: a roadmap
Willian Harrison, Harold Ossher & Peri Tarr
IBM Research Separation of Concerns

IBM Research Separation of Concerns

Xerox PARC Aspect Oriented Programming

Norteastern University Demeter

University of Twente Research and Education on Software Engineering (TRESE)

University of Texas Product Line Architecture Research Group

Gail Murphy

Columbia University Programming Systems Lab


Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Research Systematic Software Reuse & Component-Based Software Engineering

UCSD Software Evolution Group