D22: Advanced Software Engineering Course Structure


This course aims to further develop your understanding of the concepts and methods required for the construction of large software intensive systems. It aims to develop a broad understanding of the discipline of software engineering.
It seeks to complement a familiarity with analysis and design with a knowledge of the full range of techniques and processes associated with the development of complex software intensive systems. It aims to set these in an appropriate engineering and management context.


After completing the course you will be able to:

Content The Wider Software Engineering Context
Unit 1 - Project Management - Project Planning and Scheduling
Unit 2 - Standards
Unit 3 - Case Study
Alternative Paradigms
Unit 4 - Extreme Programming
Unit 5 - Formal Development
Unit 6 - Soft Systems
Advanced Software Engineering Process Topics
Unit 7 - Tools
Unit 8 - Software Process Improvement
Unit 9 - Software Economics
Unit 10 - Software Quality
Unit 11 - Software Metrics
Unit 12 - Requirements Management
Unit 13 - Configuration Management
Unit 14 - Testing and Inspection
Unit 15 - Risk Management
Unit 16 - Maintenance and Evolution