Rabin is that rare individual who balanced a brilliant incisive mind, with a quiet genuine manner. He was a mentor admired by many and will be remembered by all fortunate enough to know him. . . . . .. Paul Holman


Rabin always radiated a knowledgeable calmness. I will always remember his gentle smile. People around here will always remember him for his dedication and innovative spirit. . . . . . . . .Kaleb Kajero


Rabin was kind and thoughtful. His memory will remain with all of us.

.Tim Flett


Rabin was a kind, thoughtful man with a wonderful calm energy. . .  Sam


Rabin was a good colleague and also a friend. He will be missed. .  Colin


I had the honour of working with Rabin for the last five years an will remember Rabin for his friendliness, knowledge and inspiration. Rabin will be missed greatly. . .  Matt Reynolds.


Even though my time working here has been brief it was obvious he was a well liked and respected friend and workmate. I am glad to have met him. 

Mark Anthony


I will miss the conversations that I had with Rabin after work. He was a very knowledgeable person who as well as sharing his thoughts was a good listener. Rabin’s passing will be a great loss to the group and everyone who knew him.                                 Phil Rogers


Rabin was the quietest, calmest man in the office, yet still well known and well respected by everyone. He was a greatly intelligent guy who will be sorely missed by all his friends, colleagues and the industry as a whole.                                     Rikki Prince



I first met Rabin during his time at Renderware where he was held in high esteem as a much respected and valued colleague. After meeting him again, when he joined SCEE, he came across as a calm, thoughtful and collective thinker who was always willing to listen. . .   David Carter


While I hadn’t known Rabin as well as the others, I was always impressed by his sharp insights and calm approach. He was greatly respected and will be missed by all. . . .           Caspar Sanger


Rabin joined SCEE not long after myself and although I did not see him on a daily basis, when I did see him he always seemed to have a cap on his head and a smile on his face. It was clear from the few times I spoke with Rabin that he was a very intelligent, genuine person. He will be sorely missed by everybody whose lives he touched during his short time here. . David Jeston


Rabin was the quietest man of our group and was respected in the game industry. We will all miss him.    Sebastien Rubens


Having spent a short time with him, we did share the occasional drink after work and the lasting impression he will leave is that he was a very kind and brilliant man who was truly respected by all who worked with him.               Dick Kennedy.


Rabin was always the guy I would want to go to first when I was stuck with a problem. He was never too busy to help and would go to any lengths to help me. That is the kind of guy he was.    Rick Forster


In the year that I have worked with Rabin I can honestly say that I have met no one else as conscientious and selfless. What ever the need Rabin has always been the first to offer help. Ever friendly, caring and keen to help. We have lost not just a brilliant intellect, but an impassioned colleague and a good friend. . . .    Mike Dean





Rabin, you will be missed.

Rabin seemed so full of life and energy – quietly. He was always there, whatever the occasion. He was a great friend and a great co-worker. I feel sorry for our loss.                         Sergio Moreiru


I considered Rabin to be both a colleague and a friend, and I am shocked by his loss. Rabin always had something amusing or insightful to add to any conversation – no matter what the subject. He will be remembered as the smartest person I ever met. It was a pleasure to know him, and I will miss him greatly.    Jason G. Doig


Rabin was a work colleague who will be truly missed; he was a person who was always willing to help others and always gave 100% effort. He approached everything in a professional and calm manner; which made me very fortunate to have known and worked with him. His memory will live on.      Ian Bryce


Rabin was an intelligent, friendly person with a very bright outlook. He will be sadly missed by all. I remember him as a thoughtful person with many insights into the world. I feel deeply sad about this passing of a popular and friendly person. He will be greatly missed.          Wai


Rabin was a genuinely, kind, helpful, thoughtful person. His loss was a shock to all of us. I used to join him for lunch or for a drink on occasion. He was well liked by everyone he worked with. In the industry he worked in I think he is one of the most talented, respected persons there is. He will be greatly missed.              Mark Corydon


I knew Rabin for about a year and during that time enjoyed many a conversation with him at lunch or over a quiet drink. His calm demeanour and insightful mind was inspiring to all those who met him – a truly great talent.                  

                                                      Andrew Sidwell


Though our parts never quite crossed, Rabin was known to me – to all of us – for his technological brilliance and remarkable humanity; qualities both for which he shall ever be remembered.          Sham Leyland


Having known Rabin for 10 years my sense of loss is hard to measure. During my 8 years working at Criterion, whenever a really tough technical problem came up we’d usually decide – “that’s one for Rabin . He always seemed to tackle the hard stuff with ease and still find time for a drink in the pub after work. A truly great man! You will be missed my friend.  Sean Turner


Rabin always struck me as hugely intelligent and very enthusiastic about technology which made him fascinating to talk to. I always looked forward to seeing what ‘cool’ thing he was working on as I passed his desk surrounded by exotic technology.

I also valued Rabin as a friend and spent many hours with him down the pub in Guildford chatting about a wide variety of subjects. I only started working here, at Sony, two weeks ago an one of the things I was very much looking forward to was seeing Rabin again and catching up with him – sadly this was never to be.                           Tim Aidley


I never met Rabin, but I wish I had. The comments of his colleagues and friends paint a picture of a very special person – kind, thoughtful, helpful and very clever indeed. This is a very great loss for us all.  Nancy Gatehouse


I never got a chance to know Rabin very well, but in our Japanese classes he was always a quiet but friendly person, easy to get along with, and obviously knew his work very well. It is sad to think that we won’t see him around here any more – he will certainly be missed at Sony.     Chris Bevan


I had known Rabin for 9 years both at Criterion and, later, at SCEE. We enjoyed many a BBQ and pint together discussing the relative merits of Japanese and Italian sports cars. I am shocked and deeply saddened by his loss.                           Jamie Macdonald


Rabin was a lovely and very helpful person. Like everyone I am shocked and deeply saddened by what has happened.           Richard Lee


Rabin was a kind and helpful person – we will really miss him.  Nicolas Serres



Rabin was deeply thoughtful and intelligent. I admired his sense of humour and wit – I shall treasure my memories of our conversations. Saret Ewer


Rabin was an exceptionally clever man to whom I always turned when I needed advice.         Lionel Lemarié