By his Parents Solomon and Uma


Rabin had a very happy childhood and from a very young age showed qualities that set him apart from the norm.

His extreme inquisitiveness, while not yet two years old, helped him to identify and select the correct keys for doors, drawers etc. Before the age of two he could turn on the correct switches, which were within reach, for various appliances sometimes leading to amusing situations.

Rabin spent his second birthday on board ship, travelling to Canada, where the family spent two years. His father had a teaching contract. Rabin was a very happy child and was, invariably, the centre of attention wherever he went. He was very sociable, took to skiing and ice skating. His wonderful command of the English language caused quite a sensation in the small Canadian community in the valley where he lived – Levack and Onaping.

When he attended his first school in south London (a nursery school in Clapham) he caused a lot of amusement by talking volubly at a level well above his chronological age. His class mates thought that he was “funny”. His teachers found it difficult to cope and turned to us, his parents;  Please tell us what to do with Rabin”.

At his Primary School in Barking he was placed in a group of ‘bright children’ and progressed very well under the sensitive programmes provided for his group. While there his reading age was assessed at 2.5 years above his chronological age. (21 years later we met one of his teachers who said; “Rabin: once met never forgotten!”)

From a very young age Rabin was an avid reader. As he grew older he then became a voracious reader. Throughout his life he read very widely and easily absorbed what he read. He grew to love the English Language and was one of its most enthusiastic defenders.

While Rabin was not ‘athletic’ he was very ‘sporty’ and took part in fund-raising activities even doing a mini-marathon for which he obtained many sponsors.

Rabin excelled in all subjects at primary school and was greatly admired for his willingness to take part in all activities and his readiness to help his classmates.

Rabin joined the local music school where he learnt to play the violin and achieved Grade 5. His interest in music was very wide from this young age.

At secondary school, Cranbrook College, he excelled in all his subjects except drawing and artwork. Because of his very high sense of responsibility and trustworthiness he was made a prefect and monitor of the library, the science laboratory along with other posts.

On prize giving day he won so many prizes for so many subjects that they called it The Rabin Ezra Day. Rabin got A’s in 10 out of 13 subjects and two A/O’s

Rabin got 4 A-level subjects.

At Ilford County High one evening the school keeper had to remind Rabin and a classmate to go home because the two boys were lost in a deep philosophical discussion while standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Elsewhere, in this website, are details of his achievements at university and with Canon and Sony.

Rabin learnt the Japanese language while he was working at Canon. He could speak and write it quite well and appeared for and passed Cambridge University examinations in it.

He developed a deep interest in Japan and Japanese Culture including Japanese cuisine, music, literature and art and, to this end, built up a sizeable library of Japanese literature, mainly in translations.

Among his other interest were motoring, films and Art – he was a member of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts). He frequently visited almost all the museums in London and kept his parents up-to-date with regard to the various exhibitions etc.

Rabin was also a keen skier.

Rabin was also a gourmet. His interest in international cuisine made him a favourite dinner companion. Rabin attended many beer festivals and was well informed about the various brands. He did attend wine tasting sessions and had a fund of knowledge about the various brands.

Elsewhere in this website there is a mention of HPCC (Hand-held and Personal Computer Club) which Rabin joined when he was just 13 years old. He was, then, a founder member and over the years he accumulated most of the hand-held Hewlett Packard computer/calculators which have now been given to the club. Some of the items are collector’s pieces.

Rabin was with the club for 25 years during which time he contributed many articles to their newsletter – DATAFILE.