Pictures of Rabin Ezra

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RABIN0.jpg (1214645 bytes)

Rabin at 10 months – photographed, processed & printed by his parents

RABIN1.jpg (2274067 bytes)

Rabin photographed at school, aged 7

RABIN2.jpg (578444 bytes)

Rabin, cheerful as ever. 5 months

RABIN3.jpg (397838 bytes)

Rabin at 11 months, photographed, processed and printed by his parents

RABIN4.jpg (496371 bytes)

At 14 months on a rocking horse

RABIN5.jpg (751577 bytes)

With his mother at his left and aunt at his right

RABIN6.jpg (342269 bytes)

First snow – 18 months

RABIN7.jpg (523014 bytes)

In a tree in our local park in Barking – aged 7 years

RABIN9.jpg (575962 bytes)

In a tree in our local park in Barking – aged 7 years

RABIN10.jpg (483194 bytes)

July 1978, 11 years old

RABIN11.jpg (600686 bytes)

Rabin with his first computer The Sinclair. Aged 13

RABIN12.jpg (1036679 bytes)

!0th. birthday, at home in his garden

RABIN13.jpg (811125 bytes)

Serving drinks on his parents 25th wedding anniversary – aged 23

RABIN14.jpg (681887 bytes)

Enjoying a beer at a friend’s birthday party

RABIN15.jpg (859115 bytes)

Just another picture aged 24 years

RABIN16.jpg (802922 bytes)

Another picture at 24

RABIN17.jpg (844134 bytes)

A lucky meeting of three first cousins – sons of three brothers.(Rabin, Haskel, David)
Photographed in Los Angeles


RABIN18.jpg (1470588 bytes)

BSc. 1988

RABIN19.jpg (987045 bytes)

20th. birthday

RABIN20.jpg (2468273 bytes)

At home – 2003

Ezra family Sept 2004.jpg (719117 bytes)

Rabin with his parents September 2004 at a friend's wedding

Save0000.JPG (173114 bytes)

Aged 14 with his dad – Solomon

Save0001.JPG (236787 bytes)

Prize giving day (‘Rabin’s Day’), age 16. Cranbrook College

Save0002.JPG (246027 bytes)

Receiving a kiss and present on his 21st birthday from his  his cousin whose wedding day it was

Save0003.JPG (252402 bytes)

Cutting his cake on his 21st birthday

Save0004.JPG (189011 bytes)

Posing with his cake on his 14th. birthday

Save0005.JPG (210139 bytes)

Aged 12, with dad in garden

Save0006.JPG (492622 bytes)

20th birthday with dad

Save0007.JPG (349487 bytes)

Rabin with his paternal grand parents

Save0008.JPG (375204 bytes)

Aged 17 years

Save0009.JPG (384056 bytes)

Just posing with his first and favourite hat

Save0010.JPG (221724 bytes)

7th. birthday with friends

Save0011.JPG (330901 bytes)

In Israel , with cousins and mother (Uma)

Save0012.JPG (268464 bytes)

With his dad, Solomon, at a family celebration – wedding

Save0013.JPG (254891 bytes)

With his great grandmother in Los Angeles

Save0014.JPG (294656 bytes)

12th. birthday

Save0015.JPG (522874 bytes)

At age home, in the garden aged 19 years

Save0016.JPG (304062 bytes)

Friday night with grand parents, aunt, great aunt and little cousin – in Los Angeles