Urban Pollution Monitoring in London

Below is a map of all carbon monoxide data collected between April 2004 and August 2005, centred on areas around Marylebone Road, Camden, UCL and Clerkenwell. The data shows the mean of all the data collected on a 10 metre grid. Click on one of the tiles to show a 3D representation in VRML (approx 300KB, requires VRML plugin e.g. Cortona).

Camden Camden High Street
Euston Euston
Great Portland Street Euston Rd/Tottenham Ct Rd University College London Russell Square Clerkenwell, Exmouth Market Clerkenwell Road
Edgware Road Marylebone Road Russell Square Clerkenwell, Charterhouse St
Oxford Street Farringdon Rd and Fleet Street
Hyde Park

NOTE: Data for Marylebone Road and Camden was collected between April and May 2004, while data for Clerkenwell was collected between November 2004 and February 2005. Data around the UCL area contains parts of the Marylebone Road, Camden and Clerkenwell studies, together with additonal data collected between May 2005 and August 2005. The different times of year account for the different mean CO levels between the east (Marylebone Road) and west (Clerkenwell) sides of the map.

CO Colour Scale

Colour                   White
CO (ppm) 0   1.25   2.5   3.75   5.0 above 5.0

View 2D Map at 64 pixels to 500 metres scale (1:7.81 metres scale, size 270KB).
View large scale 2D Map with the pollution data clipped to the roads. Scale: 1 pixel to 2 metres (size 846KB).

Main Data Collection Areas

The following are links to larger area VRML maps, centred on the main data collection locations:
DAPPLE, Marylebone Road (1km x 1km) UCL, Main Campus Block (1km x 0.5km)
Clerkenwell, Exmouth Market (1km x 1km) Clerkenwell, Farringdon Road South (1km x 1km)
Camden, Hampstead Road and Euston Bridge (1km x 1.5km) Camden High Street (1km x 1km)