P R E S E N C C I A at UCL

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At University College London we are responsible for a number components of the PRESENCCIA project. In particular we involved with the creation of a distributed persistent mixed reality environment that includes the UCL immersive virtual reality system and ADA, which is physically located in Barcelona. The eventual aim to that a person in the UCL CAVE-like environment will be able to see and interact with people in ADA and with other virtual characters producing an online community. The goal is to develop and explore the possibilities of a persistent mixed reality space, which includes innovative interface systems such as Ada and the Cave, and is inhabited by remote people represented as avatars and autonomous virtual characters.

This environment will serve many useful purposes for experiments on human-human interaction and will also be accessible by the general public for entertainment and education purposes. We are also developing methods for intelligent life-like avatars to populate the permanent online space. This involves developing intelligent learning and behaviour models and the use of advanced geometry and texturing methods for creating realistic looking avatars.

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