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The newsletter provides a means of distributing relevant technical information, publication announcements, conference announcements, job adverts, and information on funding initiatives in the broad area of Requirements Engineering.

The scope of the newsletter is as follows: formal representation schemes and requirements modelling; descriptions of the requirements engineering process; tools and environments to support requirements engineering; requirements engineering methods; requirements analysis and validation; requirements elicitation, acquisition and formalisation; establishing traceability to requirements; reuse and adaptation of requirements; domain modelling and analysis; user-interaction requirements; requirements engineering for, and as, group and cooperative work. The newsletter is concerned with requirements engineering for distributed, safety-critical, composite, real-time, embedded and information systems.

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A Note from the Moderator

Anthony Finkelstein -

I am always interested in comments and feedback which will help me make the newsletter more useful. I am also particularly keen to receive reports of meetings, reviews and details of publications, tools and techniques for inclusion in the newsletter.

Other Resources

Links to other resources are included in the newsletter issues. The newsletter maintains close ties with the Requirements Engineering Journal which newsletter subscribers are likely to find of value.

Requirements Engineering Newsletter is published solely as an educational service.
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