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Institute Name: Quality Systems & Software Ltd

Description: Quality Systems and Software Ltd produces the software tool DOORS (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements Systems). DOORS is currently the worlds best selling requirements tool, with 80% of the sales exported, mainly to the USA. Customers include blue chip names such AT&T, Ford, CNES, CERN, Sagem, ESA, DRA, Motorola, and Pitney-Bowes. DOORS is based on experience gained within the European Space Agency by Dr. Richard Stevens. QSS Ltd is therefore a rare example of a European software company start-up which has succeeded in the USA, and in the world market in general. Development of DOORS is done in Scotland, using requirements as the basis of management. Total QSS staff number 20. QSS Ltd is also involved in training in Structured Requirements and writing process standards for large organisations. More than 50% of this training is performed in the USA, normally within large corporations such as AT&T and Motorola..

Researchers associated with the project:

Dr. Richard Stevens Prof Ken Jackson J. Burnett

Brief CVs of Key Researchers:

Name: Dr. Richard Stevens,

Nationality: British

Academic Qualifications & Experience: Richard Stevens holds a PhD (University of Wales, 1972), a MSc in Solid State Physics (Bath University, 1969) and B. Sc in Physics Hon (University of Swansea ,1967)

Dr Richard Stevens is founder and technical director of QSS Ltd., Oxford and has managed the development of the DOORS requirements management tool. Richard has acted as consultant, auditor and trainer to many organizations, such as AT&T, DRA, CERN, ESA, Motorola, Ford, and the UK Procurement Executive. He has written and given training courses on Structured Requirements, The Software Development Process, Writing Technical Specifications and The Management of Software Projects - all of these are currently been given. He has written standards on "Informal Software Development", "Systems Engineering", and "Tailoring the Project Lifecycle" and "Prototyping" for UK government organizations. Richard was formally head of Methodology, Technology and Quality for information systems within the European Space Agency. He was a member of the Agency's software standards board (1987-1992) which produced the PSS-05-0 standards, probably the most commonly used standard in Europe. Richard was involved in both software and systems aspects of spacecraft development. Richard is the author of Software Engineering Standards (Prentice-Hall 1994) and Understanding Computers (Oxford Univ Press (1986), plus numerous academic papers and magazine articles (e.g. Byte Aug 1991).

Name:Prof Ken Jackson

Nationality: British

Academic Qualifications & Experience: Prof Ken Jackson has extensive experience in software management and development, stretching back to the MASCOT software development environment in the 1970s. Ken is a senior consultant for QSS Ltd, and particularly involved with training in requirements, software management and the software development process.

Name: J. Burnett

Nationality: British

Academic Qualifications & Experience: Jill Burnett is a senior consultant with QSS Ltd, involved in both development and training. Jill handles the requirements for the DOORS software tool. Jill has extensive experience in software management and requirements, working as a senior manager for Easams, and was in charge of multiple software projects (1988-1994) before joining QSS Ltd in 1994.

Selected Publications:

R. Stevens. (1991): "Some considerations on organising requirements for systems management" R. J. Stevens. ESA Journal , Vol. 15, pp. 35

R. Stevens. (1991): "Software engineering related to system requirements" IEEE Software Engineering Standards Workshop. San Diego, TH0365-7/90/0000/0018/$01.00

R. Stevens. (1991): "Developing software the right way" Byte

R. Stevens. (1992): "ESA's Software Engineering Standards - the foundation for reliable software" ESA Bulletin .

R. Stevens. (1993): "Structured Requirements" US Air Force 5th Annual Software Technology Conference, Salt Lake City

R. Stevens, P. Jeanne.(1993):"Electronic exchange of information between ESA and its partners" , Conference on Integrated Logistics and Concurrent Engineering (ILCE 93), Montpellier

Contact Details:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard Stevens,

Address:Quality Systems & Software Ltd, 1 Magdalen Centre, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GA, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone number: + 44 (0) 1865 784285

Telefax number: + 44 (0) 1865 784286

EMail: 100010.3303@compuserve.com

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