Philips Research Laboratories

Institute Name: Philips Research Laboratories

Description: The Philips organisation has total community of 200 scientists, distributed world-wide, researching into software engineering. The development of software methods, tools and their successful transfer to the product organisations is the prime goal of this activity. The Software Engineering and Applications (SEA) group at Philips Research Laboratories (PRL) contains 16 scientists organised into the following research activities:

- Requirements Engineering - Software Testability - User Interface Methodologies

The requirements engineering project has 4 scientists and is executing research into the following aspects of the field:

- Assessment of requirements methods. Access to practical projects provides an excellent environment to evaluate current practise in the field. - Requirements Visualisation. Improving the comprehensibility of requirements documentation. - Requirements traceability. - Requirements driven testability.

Researchers associated with the project:

Mr P.A.Gough Dr S.A.Higgins Mr F.T.Fodemski Mr K.R.Whight

Brief CVs of Key Researchers:

Name: P.A.Gough

Nationality: British

Academic Qualifications & Experience: Paul Gough is currently the project leader and principal scientist for requirements engineering at Philips Research Laboratories (PRL). On joining Philips from Xerox Research (UK) in 1982 he was responsible for the development of software for simulating the behaviour of semiconductor devices. In 1985 he was seconded to Philips Research Labs, Briarcliff USA to work on software to model power integrated circuits. This was his first exposure to UNIX, C and the first Apple Macintoshes and which strongly influenced his subsequent projects. On his return to PRL he headed a number of projects to develop and transfer advanced interfaces to simulation software using the GUI concepts such as 'point and click' and 'direct manipulation'.

In 1993 he was given the responsibility for establishing a requirements engineering research activity at PRL. This has involved the development of contacts with product divisions and the external academic community. The first major project involved a large case study performed in conjunction with Philips Medical Systems to establish the effectiveness of use-cases (a type of scenario) in eliciting and communicating requirements to stakeholders. His current research interests include: measuring the quality of the requirements process; requirements visualisation and CASE tools for requirements engineering.

Selected Publications:

P.A.Gough.(1993): "An Integrated Device Design Environment for Semiconductors" in "Technology CAD Systems", edited by F.Fasching, S.Halama, S.Selberherr, pp.131-147, Springer-Verlag

S.A.Higgins, P.A.Gough, F.T.Fodemski.(1994): "Exploitation of Hypermedia in Software Requirements Engineering", Multimedia Toolbook Conference

P.A.Gough, F.T.Fodemski, S.A.Higgins, S.J.Ray.(1995): "Scenarios - An Industrial Case Study and Hypermedia Extensions", [Accepted for publication at RE'95

Contact Details:

Principal Investigator: Mr. Paul Gough,

Address:Software Engineering & Applications, Philips Research Labs, Cross Oak Lane Redhill, RH1 5HA, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone number: + 44 01293 815000

Telefax number: + 44 01293 815500


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