Université de Paris-Sud

Institute Name: Université de Paris-Sud (LRI)

Description: LRI is one of the major French research laboratories in Computer Science. Currently about 180 persons work at LRI, among which 29 are university professors or CNRS directors and more than 60 are graduate students. The scope of the research ranges from theoretical computer science to artificial intelligence and computer architectures.

The  group involved in this proposal has been working for the last years mainly on: (1) the formal specification and design of the PLUSS specification language, where different notions of modularity can be used, depending on the stage of the specification process; (2) experiments in several significant industrial case studies; (3) the development of the ASSPEGIQUE specification environment; (4) the study of object-orientation in formal specification languages; (5) the development of a theory of software testing; (6) the application of black-box testing methods based on formal specifications (formal testing); (7) the development of LOFT, a system for assisting test data selection from algebraic specifications and its application to some industrial systems. Recently, a new research stream has been concerned with the modelling of distributed reactive sytems.

Researchers associated with the project:

Prof. Marie-Claude Gaudel Dr. Bruno Marre

Brief CVs of Key Researchers:

Name: Marie-Claude Gaudel

Nationality: French

Academic Qualifications & Experience: Marie-Claude Gaudel is currently a Professor of Computer Science at the Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay. Her main research interests include formal specifications, algebraic data types, applications of formal specifications to program testing, reusability and exception handling. Professor Gaudel is a member of several journal editorial boards and has been the chairman of program committees of important conferences such as: 12th ICSE,TAPSOFT'93. She will also be the chairman of the next FME symposium.

Professor Gaudel has been a consultant to several companies and public agencies in France and Europe. She has participated the ESPRIT METEOR project in the past, while currently she is involved in several ESPRIT Basic Research Actions or Working Groups, such as the PDCS, IS-CORE, COMPASS. Recently, she has been appointed as Doctor Honoris Causa of the EPFL (Lausanne).

Selected Publications:

M.-C. Gaudel.(1991): "Advantages and limits of formal approaches for ultra-high dependability," in Proc. 6th IEEE International Workshop on Software Specification and Design (IWSSD'91), Como

G. Bernot, M.-C. Gaudel and B. Marre.(1991): "Software Testing Based on Formal Specifications: A theory and a tool," Software Engineering Journal, vol. 9, no. 6, pp.387-405

P. Dauchy, M.-C. Gaudel and B. Marre.(1993): "Using algebraic specifications in software testing: a case study on the software of an automatic subway," Journal of Systems and Software, no. 21

M.-C. Gaudel.(1994): "Formal Specification techniques (invited survey)," in Proc. 16th IEEE-ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'16), Sorrento

Arnold A., Gaudel M.-C., Marre B., An experiment on the validation of a specification by heterogeneous formal means, 5th IFIP working conference on dependable computing for critical applications, Urbana Champain, 1995.

Gaudel M.-C., Dauchy P., Khoury C., A formal specification of the Steam-Boiler Control Problem with implicit state, in Formal Methods for Industrial Applications: Specifying and Programming the Steam Boiler Control, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.1165 Springer-Verlag, 1996.

Contact Details:

Principal Investigator: Prof. Marie-Claude Gaudel,

Address:LRI, Universite de Paris-Sud, 490 Batiment, Orsay, 91405, FRANCE

Telephone number: + 33 1 69 41 66 29

Telefax number: +33 1 69 41 65 86

EMail: mcg@lri.lri.fr

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Last up-date: 30 July 1998