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Welcome to RENOIR
Requirements Engineering Network
Of International cooperating Research groups
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project number: 20.800

The RENOIR project ended on 31 May 2000. This site is no longer kept up-to-date.

What is RENOIR?   Why Requirements Engineering?   What is the purpose of RENOIR?   Who belongs to RENOIR?   What activities will RENOIR support?

Members can access a slide presentation (PDF format) or a four slides to a page view (also in PDF format), by Daniel M Berry and Kevin Ryan, which explains what Requirements Engineering and RENOIR is all about.

RENOIR is a network of excellence established within the Fourth Framework Programme ( FP4 ) of the European Union . It is a network of research groups, each with established excellence in the area of requirements engineering, funded through the FP4 provisions for research and technology development in information technology, collectively known as ESPRIT .

Any information technology product, or service, which does not meet the requirements of users, or which cannot be identified with the requirements of a market sector, will not be used, sold or yield social benefit. Requirements engineering (RE) provides the tools, concepts and methods which mediate between the providers of information technology services and products, and the users or markets for such services and products.