Realising Adaptive Distributed Internet Operations on ACTIVE networks

Sponsored by (D)ARPA

Project information

Project Summary
RADIOACTIVE Active Networking Program of Work.
Presentation given at DARPA PI Meeting, Jackson Hole, June 2001
Year 1.5 yearly report (to Mar, 2001)
First yearly report (Oct 3, 2000)
Quad chart and finance report
UCL VPN work - Talk from ICB Nov 2000 meeting slideshow/html of quad chart of 99 work and quad chart of 99 work, ppt file
A talk about the work

Active Nets 2000 Demo at Georgia Tech

The demo was held at Georgia Tech on December 6-8th, 2000. Further information can be found here.

UCL and ISI's demo plan and discussion. Presentation given at the demonstration by UCL and ISI.

Further information

Recent talk on work slideshow/html of proposed '00 work

Peter Kirstein's talk from the LCS 2000 meeting

There's also Supporting Multicast Multimedia and ALPINE Peter Kirstein's note on testbeds for ACM SIGCOMM 99
BSD Router PGM Implementation Project plus source plus our host PGM implementation which is not as good as Luigi Rizzo's PGM Work