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Coordination and Reliability Mechanisms for Adaptive Mobile Middleware

Kindly sponsored by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Grant: EPSRC EP/C544765/1
Project dates: October 2005-September 2010



The number of mobile phones in Europe is higher than the number of personal computers. The number of devices surrounding our daily life, including tiny sensors, is rising exponentially. However, the software and communication mechanisms used to network these devices are still the ones that we have been devised 30 years ago for standard computer systems. Mobile networks are by orders of magnitude more dynamic than traditional systems and have often less resources (energy, memory, bandwidth). This calls for a radical change in the communication mechanisms applied.The proposed work will devise novel mechanisms for the communication among networked mobile devices. These mechanisms will have to combine spatial and temporal concerns in order to be able to cope with the dynamicity and the resource limitations of mobile systems. To understand and reason about these concerns, we will investigate their formal underpinning through appropriate calculi. Reliable communication is usually very expensive in terms of resources but sometimes needed: we will devise new techniques for obtaining different levels of reliability through dynamic prediction of network behaviour. New methods for collecting and sharing data will be designed, including novel adaptive transactions, which adjust to the variablity of the network and to the resources available.We will evaluate the appropriateness of these mechanisms in small scale applications and in large scale simulations.



Controlled Epidemic-style Dissemination Middleware for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mirco Musolesi and Cecilia Mascolo
In Proceedings of 3rd ACM SIGMOBILE/IEEE Annual Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems (MOBIQUITOUS 2006). July 2006. San Jose, California. 
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SCAR: Context-aware Adaptive Routing in Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks
Cecilia Mascolo and Mirco Musolesi
In Proceedings of the Delay Tolerant Networks Symposium. ACM International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC) 2006. Vancouver, Canada. July 2006. ACM Press. 
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Evaluating Context Information Predictability for Autonomic Communication
Mirco Musolesi and Cecilia Mascolo
In Proceedings of 2nd IEEE Workshop on Autonomic Communications and Computing (ACC'06). Co-located with  Proceedings of 7th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM'06). Niagara Falls, NY. June 2006. 
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A Community Based Mobility Model for Ad Hoc Network Research
Mirco Musolesi and Cecilia Mascolo
In Proceedings of the 2nd ACM/SIGMOBILE International Workshop on  Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks: from theory to reality (REALMAN'06). Colocated with MobiHoc'06. Florence, Italy. May 2006. ACM Press.
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Spatio-Temporal Communication Primitives for Delay Tolerant Systems
Mirco Musolesi and Cecilia Mascolo
In Proceedings of 3th MiNEMA Workshop. Leuven, Belgium. February 2006. 
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