IWQoS '99 
UCL, London  
Jun 1-Jun 4, 1999 

Updated 14 Nov 2000

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Sponsored by:

IEEE ComSoc and

With generous support from:

Nortel Research UK

Hewlett Packard Internet Research Institute

Microsoft Research,

Sprint Labs, for help with PC costs

We are organising a morning workshop on Internet Economics on the Friday together with the 3 days of paper sessions.

US attendees should note that travel to London, and accomodation are typically less expensive than cross-US trips to conferences. FOr convenience, we have scheduled IWQoS 99 the week before ICMCS and also note that the 16th International Teletraffic Congress is in Edinburgh, Scotland (quite near london, England) so that non Europeans can raitionalise their travel further.

IEEE/IFIP IWQoS '99 Call for Papers 

How much Better than Best Effort Internet?

UCL, London, Jun 1 - June 4, 1999 (Paper Sessions Jun 1,2,3)

This is the seventh of a series of workshops providing an international forum for the exchange of information on quality of service (QoS) research in all the facets of QoS in a networked or distributed environment, including architectures, services, multimedia, operating systems and middleware. The objective of the Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Service is to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners working in all these areas to discuss recent innovative results and future directions. 
Contributions are solicited in all areas of QoS research in distributed systems and networking, including, but not limited to: 

QoS Architectures 

Early Results with Differentiated Internet 

Beyond RSVP 

Multicast QoS 

Secure QoS 


Active Nets and QoS 

User Level QoS 

Adaptive Applications 

Terabit Forwarding and QoS 

Routing and QoS 

QoS to the Desk, Set and Home Top 

Mobile QoS

In the past the workshop has been cross-disciplinary, small and well focused, consisting of keynote speakers and solicited contributions with the emphasis on innovation. As a result, a considerable amount of time is devoted to informal discussion. The Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Service will be limited to 150 participants. 
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