Internet Economics

Questions of economics are vying with technological issues as the central problems facing the continued growth and success of the Internet. The purpose of this day is to bring together some of the leading researchers in the area of Internet economics to review work that has already been done, and to identify the important outstanding research questions.

The topics to be covered include:

  1. economic modelling of the pricing of network usage and content
  2. the effects of market structure on network interconnection
  3. the costs of quality of service on alternative networks
  4. the economics of software agents
  5. design and efficiency of e-commerce systems
  6. regulation of communication networks

The day will be designed to appeal not only to economists, but also to researchers from other disciplines.


Pricing Trends in Telecom Industry, Andrew Odlyzko (AT&T Laboratories) Pointers to networking papers and E-Commerce Work

Robin Mason (University of Southampton) presented a paper on the Compatibility between Differentiated Networks ( or in PDF

Charging and Accounting Architecture for Premium IP services, Georg Carle (GMD Fokus)

Congestion pricing, flow control and multi-user games, Peter KEY (Microsoft Research)

11-12 Panel discussion: JANET charging, Discussant: Kevin Hoadley (UKERNA), Chair: Frank Kelly (University of Cambridge)

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