DARPA Multicast Support for Multimedia


The 1996-1997 Work is on Mechanisms for Supporting and Utilising Internet Multicast Multimedia administrative details are available plus plans for
98 and 99 all together, until middle of 1999
first half year.
second half year.
first quarter of 97
second quarter of 97
last year.


summary and poster for 99
mid 98/99 poster
98 quad poster
97 quad poster

Technical Work Reports

We are CAIRN participants, with our own VC (1.5Mbps from UCL CS to US).
Our 1998-1999 CAIRN Exerimental plans are available.
A 2nd draft report about altq/cbq on cairn which updates a previous draft report. and some tuning info for altq
RP Addressed Multicast Architecture work. and diff-serv deployment ietf work
A report on ICE'98 is available.
A QoS Multicast Routing protocol, YAM
We have integrated a twelve-country Mbone running over the European ATM Pilot
We have developed a new audio conferencing tool called RAT
Our multimedia server now provides basic multicast recording and playback
We have written sdr, a session directory tool for the Mbone.
We have also written network text editor, a scalable multicast-based shared text editor for use in Mbone conferences.
Masters Students PGM Implementation Report and source and Class Diagrams, with support from cisco in the form of router loan.

Further Afield

Other recent pieces of work include:

Meeting coordination

We took Minutes from the IRTF RM group meeting in memphis in April 1997, and are hosting the meeting in July 1998.
And we had a couple of retreats in the project: multimedia retreat #1, 8/8/97 recently, and helped with another
multimedia retreat #2, 14/11/97

Related Activities

If you are interested in history, Peter Kirstein has written a 25th anniversary article.
We also help coordinate the ICB
See also RADIOACTIVE Active Networking Program.