Application Level Active Networks

We have a number of projects that intersect in the area of application level active networks. People working in this area include:

Jon Crowcroft
Atanu Ghosh who has implemented the baseline system we use in ALPINE, called the DPS software
Panos Gevros
Kris Hasler
Marcello Pias who has done some implementation work
Ibraheem UMARU-MOHAMMED who has added some RLC/RMDP code to the DPS and documented it
Hermann DE MEER

Projects include


We recently had a meeting to liase between various projects. Herman presented some slides and also gave references to several papers:
Active Networks Survey Paper from April ACM CCR
Spawning Networks from IEEE Networks
IWQoS 98 paper
AN tunnels
Management of QoS with agents
JSAC paper on programmable management agents

Wolfgang Emmerich's group contributed: Incremental Code Mobility with XML