Emerging Technologies '97

15th December 1997
Information Systems Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University College London

The Emerging Technologies (ET) workshop series provides a forum for presenting and discussing current and future research directions in areas directly relevant to industry. Innovations presented at the ET workshops aim to predict areas of major change in IT within the next two to five years.

The workshop is aimed at academic researchers, business consultants and managers. We encourage those who are interested in understanding the future directions of IT to attend the workshop and contribute to the fruitful exchange of ideas.

Each ET workshop has a different theme. Last year’s theme was Software - The Next Generation and this year it is Theory and Application of Evolutionary Computation.

The ET workshop series is an initiative of the Information Systems Research Group (ISRG) in the Department of Computer Science at UCL.

General Chair: Chris Clack.
Organising Committee: Kanta Vekaria and Nadav Zin.

N.B.: ET'96 was sponsored by Andersen Consulting.

These pages were written by Nadav Zin
Last updated: 2nd October 1997