Art and Genetic Programming

Art and Genetic Programming: Video works, new artworks, Evolutionary Computation and aesthetic judgements

Anargyros Sarafopoulos, UCL Genetic Programming Group.

Dept of Computer Science in room 214 , (13:00 - 14:00), Friday 9 February 1996

Plastic Works of Art created with evolutionary computation techniques and computer graphics have been shown in festivals all over the world and exhibited in galleries and museums such as the Georges Pompidou museum in Paris.

The video presentation will show some of the "classic" work and new work in the field. We will overview the various techniques employed to achieve such aesthetically pleasing results.

The Problem of providing criteria for the aesthetic evaluation of forms generated with an evolutionary system will be discussed. The validity of the method of interactive selection will be discussed as well as alternative approaches to the problem of automatic evaluation of artworks using evolutionary techniques.

Emphasis will be given to the use of GP for the problem of writing programs that mimic given works of given artists and the process and images they generate.

The presentation of Koza's video originally planned for the 9th will be given on February the 16th.

All are welcome. Please pass on this information to any members of staff, postgraduates and others in your department who might be interested in attending.