Progress in BDI Logic Programming with AgentSpeak

Rafael H. Bordini, University of Liverpool, U.K.

In this talk, I describe AgentSpeak(L), a BDI agent-oriented logic programming language for reactive planning systems, and overview recent work that has been done on that language. The first strand of this work is on extensions of AgentSpeak(L) aimed at turning it into a more practical programming language; the extended language is called AgentSpeak(XL). In particular, it allows the use of decision-theoretic task scheduling for the automatic generation of efficient intention selection functions. We then overview our framework for proving BDI properties of AgentSpeak(L) agents based on its operational semantics. This framework has been used to show which of the asymmetry thesis principles are satisfied by AgentSpeak(L) agents. The most recent strand of work is on model checking for AgentSpeak(F), a restricted version of AgentSpeak(L). In our approach, the specifications to be verified can be written in a simplified form of BDI logic. I conclude the talk by mentioning ongoing and future work.
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