AIP2005 Invited Speakers

U. Ascher

University of British Columbia

"Artificial time integration and inverse problems"

J. Berryman

Stanford University

"Time-reversal data processing and its relation to other linear focusing and imaging methods"

L. Borcea

Rice University

"Theoretical and computational aspects of statistically stable imaging in random media"

A. Grunbaum

University of Berkeley

"Nonlinear inverse problems for multiterminal networks"

V. Isakov
University of Wichita

"Increased stability in continuation of wave fields and inverse problems in acoustics"

J. Kaipio

Kuopio University

"Recent results in the modelling of approximation errors in inverse problems"

R. Kress

University of Goettingen

"Conformal mapping and electrostatic imaging"

M. Lassas

University of Helsinki

"Anisotropic inverse problems"

A. Nachman

University of Toronto

"Progress on analytic inversion methods"

S. Osher


"Using geometry and iterated refinement for inverse problems"

L. Päivärinta

University of Helsinki

"Calderon's inverse conductivity problem and quasiconformal maps"

G. Papanicolao

Stanford University

"Interferometric array imaging"

T. Poggio


"Theory of learning"

L. Reichel

Kent State University
"Tikhonov regularization of large-scale problems"

O. Scherzer

University of Insbruck

"Nonconvex regularization for inverse problems"

J. Sylvester

University of Washington

"Locating a time harmonic scatterer or source"

M. Vogelius

Rutgers University

"Recent results concerning electromagnetic imaging for small inhomogeneities"

M. Yamamoto

University of Tokyo
"Mathematical analysis and numerical solutions of inverse problems by Carleman estimates"

V. Vasin

Ural State University

"Regularization and iterative approximation of non-smooth solutions for ill-posed problems"


Mini Symposia

Title : "Fundamental issues of uniqueness and stability in inverse problems"

Organisers : G. Alessandrini and S. Kurylev

Title : "3D Electromagnetic Imaging"

Organisers : M. Hanke and A. Kirsch

Title : "Microwave Imaging"

Organisers : M. Cheney and F. Natterer

Title : "Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation"

Organisers : W. Symes and G. Uhlmann

Title : "Optical and Astronomical Imaging" Organisers : M. Bertero and R. Pike

Title : "Industrial and Financial Applications"

Organisers : H. Engl and W.R.B. Lionheart

Title : "New hybrid methods in medical imaging utilizing ultrasound data" Organiser : J. McLaughlin
Title : "Computational methods for inverse problems " Organiser : D. Calvetti
Title : "Level Sets and Geometry Based Regularisation" Organisers : T.Chan and X-C Tai

Title : "Bayesian and statistical Methods"

Organiser : E. Somersalo and S. Siltanen



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