Call for Papers

Engineering Distributed Objects (EDO '99)

 ICSE 99 Workshop, Los Angeles, May 17-18, 1999

Why will you be interested in EDO '99?

Standards for object-oriented middleware, such as OMG's CORBA, Java's Remote Method Invocation and Microsoft's DCOM have developed and matured over the last decade. They facilitate the implementation, execution and communication of distributed objects. Several products implementing these standards are available now and used in an increasing number of industrial development projects. While issues relating to efficient implementations, persistent storage and administration of distributed objects have been addressed by meetings of the database and distributed system research communities, the systematic engineering of distributed object-based applications has been largely ignored.

A number of industrial distributed object projects have failed because they did not consider the differences between designing local and distributed objects. They used design methods for object-oriented programs, which were largely inappropriate for distributed objects. This workshop aims to identify the differences between engineering local and distributed objects and to find principles, methods and techniques to assist in the engineering of distributed object-based software architectures. The workshop will be an exciting meeting point between research & industrial practice, discussing a real world problem that urgently needs answers.

How are we going to organize the workshop?

Industrial case studies will be selected by the programme committee, simplified and then distributed to all workshop attendees before the workshop. The case studies will be presented during a joint session with the PDSE '99 workshop by software engineers who have participated in their development. Participants will be encouraged to investigate the case studies and prepare short presentations that indicate how the principles, methods and techniques they propose for the engineering of distributed objects can be applied to these case studies.

What do we want to discuss?

The workshop scope includes, but is not limited to:

How to submit?

Admission to the workshop will be by invitation only. Invitation will be determined by a programme committe based on a selection of position papers. Position papers (2000-3000 words) should be submitted by e-mail (PDF, Postscript or Word) together with the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) and the complete address of a corresponding author to
Wolfgang Emmerich
Dept. of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK
E-Mail: w.emmerich at


March 15, 1999  Position paper Submission
April 15, 1999 Acceptance Notification
April 28, 1999 Camera-ready copy Submission


ICSE will publish a pre-print of all workshop papers. Depending on the quality of the papers, we might publish succeedings with a respectable publisher. At the very least, however, we expect to publish a workshop report in ACM Software Engineering Notes.

Programme Co-Chairs

Wolfgang Emmerich University College London, UK
Volker Gruhn University of Dortmund, Germany

Programme Committee

Jean Bezivin University of Nantes, France
Gordon Blair Lancaster University, UK
Paolo Ciancarini University of Bologna, Italy
Peter Croll University of Sheffield, UK
Fabrizio Ferrandina Zuehlke Engineering GmbH, Germany
Anthony Finkelstein University College London, UK
Alfonso Fuggetta Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Heinrich-Josef Goeres Zuerich-Agrippina, Germany
Walter Huersch Zuehlke Engineering AG, Switzerland
Mehdi Jazayeri TU Vienna, Austria
Gerti Kappel  University of Linz, Austria
Bernd Kraemer FU Hagen, Germany
Jeff Magee Imperial College, UK
Tom Mowbray Blueprint Technologies, USA
Dewayne Perry Lucent, USA
Daniel Steinmann UBS AG, Switzerland
David Rosenblum University of CaliforniaIrvine, USA
Andreas Vogel Inprise, USA
Hashimoto Yusuke NEC, Japan